Frequently asked questions about the survey

1. If I can only vote once, does this mean I cannot submit a vote for each Award Category?

No. Your IP Address is logged for each Category, therefore only multiple entries for the same Category will be removed. You are able to submit 1 Vote for each Category using the same IP Address and these votes will not be deleted.
2. What if I want to vote for the Best First, Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class Seats using the same IP Address, these are all in the same Category?

Where there are Awards Categories within Categories the same policy applies. You are able to submit 1 Vote for each Category using the same IP Address and these votes will not be deleted.
3. Do Airlines pay to be included within the Survey?

No. The survey is commissioned, managed and funded by Skytrax. There is no cost for any airline to be included, and all airline nominations and availability to vote for an individual airline is the sole choice of the survey user. Skytrax developed the reputation of the survey by strictly adhering to a policy of no entrance fee, subscriptions, or any type of payment from an airline.
4. Are Airlines allowed to encourage Passengers to vote?

Yes, but this is monitored to maintain a strict basis that airlines do not offer their customers any enticement or incentive to vote in the survey. Airlines are free to encourage customers to complete the survey, and many do so every year.
5. Will Airlines who ask Passengers to vote receive an unfair advantage?

No, because all Airlines all allowed to do this, it is left entirely to an individual Airline's choice and there is no prerogative either way.
The World Airline Survey

The World Airline Survey has operated since 1999, and is conducted by Skytrax, the worlds leading specialist aviation research organisation. The survey is highly regarded for the clarity of process and rigorously applied rules of independence. The Survey results can be viewed online at the World Airline Awards. Described as "the Oscars of the aviation industry", the World Airline Awards are most coveted Quality accolades celebrating excellence in the world airline industrys.

This passenger survey is operated by Skytrax and is totally independent. Airlines do not register or pay to be included in the survey, and no form of sponsorship from airlines is permitted.

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