Getting your Customers to Vote

The World Airline Survey survey is managed by Skytrax. There is no cost for an airline to be included in the Survey, the survey reputation developed through strict adherence to the policy of no entrance fee, subscription or any payment from an airline.

Encouraging Customers to vote in the Survey

Airlines may encourage Customers to vote in the Survey, on the basis there is no incentive to vote. Airlines can encourage customer voting by:

:: Linking from airline web site
:: Circulating FFP members
:: IFE Voting feature
:: Meal tray Survey cards
:: Airline magazine feature

More information

For more details about getting your customers to participate in the World Airline Survey, please contact:

Peter Miller
Head of Marketing
The World Airline Survey has operated since 1999, and is conducted by Skytrax, the worlds leading specialist aviation research organisation. The survey is highly regarded for the clarity of process and rigorously applied rules of independence.

The annual Airline Survey results can be viewed online at the World Airline Awards. Described as "the Oscars of the aviation industry", the Skytrax Awards are most coveted Quality accolades celebrating excellence in the world airline industry, and known as the Passengers Choice Awards.

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